Independent Property Acquisition

You are looking for your dream house or just found it ..

But do you need a buyer’s agent to buy it?

You have seen a house or apartment on Funda.nl (the leading website for property for sale) and arranged a visit. In almost all cases, you have to deal with the estate agent of the seller’s agent. This agent has to get the best price and make other arrangements for the seller and is generally not concerned to inform you about your rights and obligations as a buyer. Therefore it is quite possible that you overlook some important matters or you might agree on an inflated price. Enough reasons to contact a buyer’s agent.. jemakelaar.nl in order to achieve:

– A realistic purchase price (negotiations)

– Clarity of the structural condition (inspection)

– Legal aspects (research)

Know that the first offer is of great importance for the negotiations and is largely based on our knowledge and experience in this field.

Use the contactform or contact us by phone (070-364 19 63) in order to make an appointment for an orientation meeting or a viewing of a property with ‘jemakelaar’ without any obligations. After a viewing we give our first opinion on the asking price and maintenance of the dwelling. If you want to continue the purchase process after, we can guide you from start to finish on a ‘no win no fee’ basis at an attractive rate.

What we do as a independent property acquisition agent for you as potential buyer

Professional negotiation of price and terms
(Our fee is directly linked to the negotiated results. Therefore, we will strive for the lowest possible purchase price and the best conditions)
Investigation: area plans – soil pollution – oil storage tanks – legal aspects
We can arrange an independent structural survey. Results can also be used for the mortgage application.
In case of an apartment, much attention is given to the owners association (VvE)
The deed of purchase is checked for accuracy and particular clauses
The draft of the deed of transfer is checked
On the day of transfer we are present at the inspection of the property
On the day of transfer we are present at the notary office to solve unexpected problems
We are also there to answer your questions during and and after the purchase of the property


A basic fee of € 695 plus 7.5 percent of the difference between asking price and purchase price both free of V.A.T.

Example: The asking price for an apartment is € 300.000
As a result of our negotiation the property is purchased for € 285.000 (difference € 15.000)
Our Fee in this case: € 695 (basis) +€ 1125 (7.5% over € 15.000) = total € 1820 FREE of V.A.T.  Your financiel advantage in this case is € 13.180

No cure no pay

If the purchase, for any (legitimate) reason is cancelled, you owe us nothing except costs for a structural survey if has taken place.


Jemakelaar.nl is fully independent and exclusive buyer’s agent. (no sales and mortgages)

Technical Inspection, English report!

For the foreign customers, for example expats, there is a technical inspection report in English. In most cases an inspector with a good knowledge of the English language is available so that you can easily communicate and ask questions during the inspection of your new property. Clients are encouraged to join the inspector during the inspection. The price for an English inspection report is € *379 incl.VAT (dutch report € 325)

*Price for property maximum 800m³  Above 800m³ extra costs pro 100 m³: € 35,00  (average house is about 350m³)

What can you expect of our technical inspection & inspection report?

Our technical inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home. Our technical inspections are conducted by an inspector. This inspector has the training and certifications to perform this kind of inspections. Our inspectors prepare and deliver you a complete and extensive report of their findings. You can use this knowledge to make the right decisions about your real estate purchase.

The inspection will include the evaluation of the visible and accessible elements of the home including:

  • Foundation, crawlspace and the condition of floors.

  • Sewer, ventilation, plumbing.
  • Floors, walls, maintenance, masonry and constructional elements.
  • Moisture measurement.
  • Roof, tiles, gutters, zinc and chimney.
  • Roofing and Roof construction.
  • Facade, cousins, windows, glass, doors, etc.
  • Visual review of the central heating system and its components.
  • Visual review electrical system and its components.
  • Visual review maintenance kitchen.
  • Visual review sanitary.
  • Lead water pipes.

You will get your report within 48 hours

During the inspection we can give you an impression of the condition of the property. The official report of the inspection will be ready within 48 hours after the inspection. We will send the offical report by e-mail and by post.

A technical inspection is a visual and non-destructive inspection. If asbestos is found during the inspection, we will mention this in the report. Looking for the presence of Asbestos is not an officially part of the technical inspection. An official certified asbestos inspection at the same time as the home inspection for an extra cost of € 65,00 incl. VAT is available.


How do I create a search query on the funda site?

When you visit funda you can easily place a search query. By following the following steps you will see the range of properties on funda:

Go to the funda.nl website, above the white bar you can choose the components, Buy, Rent, New construction.

Enter the desired location. You can choose a city or street name, zip code, neighborhood, municipality, region, province.

You can choose a radius next to the location. With the radius you search in a wider area around the chosen location.

With the price filters you can select a minimum price or maximum price. Do you want to search for a different price than the suggestions? Then choose ‘different’, after clicking this option you can enter a price yourself.

Select the blue search button

Once all desired filters have been set, click on “save search” on the left side of the page. (on a mobile, first click the ‘show … results’ button at the bottom of the filters)

Already logged in? Then funda immediately saves the search. No account yet? Funda asks you to register via a new screen. Registration is free of charge and done in a few steps.

General F.A.Q.

I found a nice property on internet . How do I proceed? >  Arrange  a viewing with the estate agent of the seller. Are you still excited after your visit? Please get in touch with us to arrange a second visit.

By the description and pictures I am almost certain that I want to buy a property. >  In such a situation we will accompany you on the first visit. Please get in touch with us to arrange a visit.

If  ‘jemakelaar’ does not get anything off the asking price .. What are the costs? > If you buy for the askingprice you pay the basic fee: € 695,- free of V.A.T. (+325,- for the structural survey if has taken place) (or € 379 for an english report)

 I found a nice house, but the price is a little too high considering my financial possibilities. Can we agree upon a maximum purchase price and what are the costs if you do not succeed to buy for the agreed maximum price?Yes, it is possible to make such agreement (of course within reasonable limits ) If we are not able to buy for this maximum price (and the sale doesn’t continue) no fee will be charged.

Is there a better chance of success if I switch to a purchasing estate agent to purchase a property? > With a purchase estate agent you always have a better chance of a good outcome because the estate agent of the seller takes a colleague always more serious than an individual AND an estate agent of the seller represents only the interests of the seller / owner!

The purchase does not continue because a lot of unexpected matters came to light during the structural survey. > In this case you are only charged for the structural survey for € 325 incl. v.a.t. (or € 379 for an english report)

Is the structural survey a regular part of your purchase procedure? > If the property is about 8 years old or younger a structural survey is unnecessary in general. It may happen that there is already an structural survey report available.

I think the funding won’t be a problem, but I’m not hundred percent sure. > When you give us the assignment to purchase a property, we assume that you know or calculated what your financial possibilities are.

Maybe your specific question is not there? Then please use the contactform. We will answer your question as soon as possible .


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